Fibre Optic Cabling

Illuminated fibre optic cables, close-up Illuminated fibre optic cables, close-up Fibre Optic Cabling is primarily used for backbone cabling between a Communications Room, Localised Distribution Points and Inter-building links. The advantage of Fibre Optic over Copper is bandwidth, security and it’s immunity to electrical interference.

A multi-mode OM3 fibre can provide a 10 gigabit fibre link of up to 300 meters. This will then feed up to one hundred users via Category 5e. Multi-mode data-communications fibres are capable of achieving 1 gigabit – 10 gigabit per second bandwidths.

Fibre is also used in situations where data security is an issue, because the signal is contained at the centre of the fibre, there is virtually no radiated signal. It is also very difficult to ‘hack’ into a fibre cable.

Multi-mode Fibre is used for data/communications over shorter distances of up to 550 meters, which is usually adequate for most applications. Over longer distances single mode fibre is used, which can carry data for many kilometres at high bandwidths.

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